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PBS services:

System Engineering Support
Engineer of Record
System Deployment Support

QA / QC 

Construction Support Quality Assurance (QA)
Project and Records Management
Quality Control (QC)


Systems Engineering Support Services

PBS firmly believes that collecting detailed field information and developing a comprehensive plan for system design, equipment installation, acceptance testing, system cut-over, and post installation maintenance is critical to the overall success of any project. The PBS team is well positioned to provide engineering and design services geared to the successful implementations of ITS (toll systems, ATMS, vehicle detection, PVMS, MPT, CCTV), communications (SONET/DWDM voice, fiber optics, wireless, LAN cabling etc.) and surveillance system (CCTV, access control) projects. Systems may include control systems, railroad interlocking equipment, wayside equipment, data communications systems, SCADA systems, video surveillance systems, central equipment at the Operations Control Centers, power and communications infrastructure. PBS’ engineering services include the following:

  • Calculations and analysis
  • Surveys and feasibility reviews
  • Wiring and terminations layout details
  • Communications network planning and design
  • Detailed design drawings development
  • Technical Specifications development
  • Support with the Critical Design Review (CDR), Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and Final Design Review (FDR)
  • Cut-over planning
  • Maintenance and operational support procedures development
  • System commissioning support
  • System deployment project management


System Deployment Support Services

PBS is fully capable of providing exceptional deployment support services for a variety of systems including communications, video surveillance and ITS systems. Deployment services provided by PBS can include:

  • Project management
  • System commissioning
  • Quality control inspections
  • Specification verification
  • Acceptance testing and documentation
  • Inventory management
  • Field data collection and documentation



Construction Support Services

Under these project assignments, the PBS Team can provide the following services:

  • Assist in obtaining construction permits with complete coordination with the Code Compliance Manager
  • Access existing site conditions and determine construction action plan
  • Provide inspection services, progress reports, problems/resolutions reports
  • Ensure construction as per the design documents
  • Document shop drawings, daily work by the contractors and as-built drawings
  • Development of test procedures and acceptance criteria for the communications and control systems
  • Assist in system integration, startups, operation testing and Acceptance Testing


Project and Records Management

PBS can provide the following project support services:

  • Interfacing with the designated Project Manager on all project activities
  • Supporting with site survey activities
  • Keeping the project file and document control including meeting minutes, requests for information documents, comments and resolution reports, schedules, etc.
  • Developing cost estimates and work schedules
  • Assuring that work is completed in a quality and timely manner
  • Assuring that task is completed and closed-out including all document submittals delivered to the designated Project Manager
  • Managing all project change orders and invoicing


Engineer of Record

The Engineer of Record will be responsible for the following functions:

  • Review and provide comments on preliminary and final design documents for construction including drawings, details and specifications
  • Assist in preparing final shop / as-built drawings for accuracy and completeness
  • Assure that all as-builts are prepared in accordance with the project requirements and internal QA/QC standards
  • Review, approve and PE stamp all final drawings



QA/QC will ensure that the work is performed in quality manner in accordance with the specifications and project documents.  The QAQC Manager will put in place procedures and guidelines to be followed by the project staff in order to deliver an excellent quality product. 


Quality Assurance (QA)

PBS will undertake those actions, procedures and methods necessary to observe and assure prudent quality controls are developed, implemented and are effective.  QA personnel are responsible for inspecting, observing and reviewing those processes as they are being carried out to ensure that they are being followed, and that they are effective in producing consistent quality products. Some of the QA requirements for the installation portion of the project may include:

  • Design Control
  • Materials Control
  • Inspection and Test
  • Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment
  • Inspection and Test Status
  • Nonconforming Material
  • Engineering Change Control
  • Record Keeping
  • Qualification of Personnel
  • Quality Assurance Procedures


Quality Control (QC) 

PBS will develop methods and procedures, which will be routinely employed at the project level, within the technical disciplines (design, permitting and construction), to produce the desired result of quality product and services.  QC is implemented through the development and implementation of those procedures through visual inspection of the work activity, audits, measurements or checking of results at defined intervals, and if necessary, performing independent testing to verify results. 




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